Dr. Pamela S. Wrona - Licensed Clinical Psychologist / PSY 25798
Dr. Pamela S. Wrona
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
PSY 25798

What is Counseling / Therapy?

The decision to begin counseling is an important one.  Counseling may help you with a variety of concerns, including personal relationships, parenting, major loss, significant life changes, and sexuality; career exploration and life planning; and academic or vocational problems, such as test-taking skills, study management, stress management, and career changes.  After discussing the concerns that brought you to therapy, we will decide which services are appropriate and embark together on a path toward whatever goals are important to you.

In order to benefit from counseling, it can be helpful to attend scheduled sessions and arrive on time for your scheduled sessions.  It is also helpful to pay attention to what is going on in your own life and monitor the goals that we have collaboratively set.  Therapy works best when you are able to participate actively in therapy while being as open and honest as you feel you can comfortably be.  Checking in with me about how our work together is going for you helps all of us involved in the therapeutic process.

You can expect me to keep our scheduled appointments, treat you with respect, be present and honest with you, work with you to establish and achieve your goals for your life, all while maintaining your confidentiality within established legal and ethical parameters.

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